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Most artists hate the idea of marketing. It can feel too pushy and just takes way too much time. Maybe you are struggling to to break through the noise to get recognition for your art. Or maybe you need help getting your audience to support you financially. But what if there was one common solution that would take care of all of this and get you the recognition you deserve?

The key is your art – the awesome creative work you’re already producing. CreateBiz is a step-by-step system that will show you how to harness that incredible content to grow your audience, make good money, and make a name for yourself in your creative industry.

Think about everything you do to get your work attention and recognition – your social media channels, your online store, your tours around the country or trips to conventions, showings, or festivals.

What if you could get everything working together like a well-oiled machine and see real results without taking all your time away from you creative work?

That’s exactly what CreateBiz will help you do. CreateBiz is a content marketing crash course that will show you how to market your creative business. We will show you how to set up your social media channels, website, blog, and email. Leverage the awesome creative work you’re already producing to build an audience and convert them into adoring fans.

What is CreateBiz?

Writers, musicians, visual artists and designers - use your creative skills to create content in order to form connections, nurture them into leads, and convert them into customers. 

Learn how to market your creative business and get recognition, industry connections and income from your creative work.

The course includes step by step videos, worksheets, templates, and quick start guides
to help creatives get focused and efficient in building an audience.

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What People Are Saying

  • Ginger Bisek, Professional Writer
    If you are a writer, musician, or other artist and you don't have a digital presence... you should. CreateBiz will walk you through creating your online brand from A to Z. You'll learn how to connect with your customers, audience, or fans to make a difference. And possibly – a future thriving business!
    Ginger Bisek, Professional Writer
  • Robert Palomo, Maritime Folk Musician & Songwriter
    I've seen SO many "start your own business to be your own boss" schemes over the years. CreateBiz is different. No glowing pie in the sky here – just a recipe for honest hard work and lots of it. But it's a good recipe, by people who really understand the problems creatives face. Others often will give you ingredients but not process, or vice versa. CreateBiz is a true cookbook.
    Robert Palomo, Maritime Folk Musician & Songwriter
  • Bobby Lee, Writer and Musician
    CreateBiz puts the process into context in a direct and attainable manner so even a newbie can understand the elements and actions required to forge a future in the music biz online. It's obvious that Dave and Michael have a wealth of experience and it offers a very clear picture of what to do. Very happy to be part of the group!
    Bobby Lee, Writer and Musician
  • Paul E. Lee, Wellness Teacher & Sound Healer
    CreateBiz is a comprehensive approach to marketing your creative work with a number of effective online approaches. Among these are creating an effective website, how to write your blog to market to your audience and grow your fan base, and how to effectively email fans without a hard-sell. It's a great course to help creatives of all kinds discover marketing techniques and tools to help them succeed.
    Paul E. Lee, Wellness Teacher & Sound Healer

For Creative Entrepreneurs

Why CreateBiz?

Many creatives dread marketing, because it feels "icky" and self-promotional. CreateBiz teaches a more soft-touch approach instead, which is more effective in growing a devoted following.

CreateBiz is for writers, musicians, and visual artists because creatives defy boundaries. Musicians are writers, too. Travel photographers blog. Novelists play in bands. Graphic artists are storytellers. We create, we connect, and we can all learn from one another's unique experiences.

Whether you are looking to gain recognition for your work, attract the attention of an agent or producer, or make enough money from your art to support yourself and your family – it all starts with the same goal. You have to build an audience.

Having an audience is power. That's why it's your most valuable asset in building a business around your creative work. It can take years of trial and error, countless mistakes, and keeping up on all the changes in technology, platforms, and SEO.

We created CreateBiz to "shorten the cycle" so that you can learn the strategies, techniques, and nuances – quickly. It will still require that you put in the work, but our step-by-step system will help get you on the right track and make rapid progress towards your goals as a creative.

What's in the course?

The course is a step-by-step system, divided into 6 distinct units:

Unit 1 serves as an introduction to using content strategy to build your online audience, so that we’re all on the same page and understand the basic philosophy of using content to create connections.

Unit 2 is all about the planning process – setting goals for your creative business, setting up shop, defining your customer profile, and committing to the content you will produce.

Unit 3 is about getting the foundation of your online presence set up properly, optimized, and working together – this is your website, blog (or other medium-form content), social, and email.

Unit 4 is where we start producing the content that YOU will use to build your online audience. We’ll talk about story and creating a narrative around you and your brand.

Unit 5 is about doing the outreach you need to do – BUT it's important to make it efficient and targeted, while getting the nuances right.

In unit 6, we talk about putting everything together so that it works in concert: Web, blog, social, and email – all integrated. Plus we give you sample workflows to help you.

Who teaches this?

We have a lot of industry experience and use these methods everyday

Michael Boezi

Michael-Boezi-Headshot17 years in publishing
Instructor at Emerson College
Writer & podcaster
Business consultant

Dave Kusek

Dave-Kusek-Headshot20 years in music business
Best-selling author
Founder, Berklee Online
Creator, New Artist Model

Ready to get going?

We look forward to working with you!

We will show you, step-by-step, how to promote your creative work and propel your career forward.

Your website, blog, social media, and email – all the tools that you need to run your business.

Learn how to leverage skills you already have to build your audience and turn them into fans.

Tap into a network of other creators to share ideas, trade opportunities, and get feedback on your work.

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